Affordable Surgery

More and more people are opting to self-fund private outpatient consultations and surgical treatments. Our clinic consultants all accept patients who do not have private medical insurance.

People often find that the costs are less than they imagined and private medical care offers a prompt and efficient option at a time that suits you.


Total Thyroidectomy

From £7,150.00


From £6,100.00


From £7,150.00

Selective Neck Dissection

From £7,850.00


From £7,475.00

Septoplasty and SMD

From £3,995.00


From £2,800.00

Our prices include the initial consultation, the operation including all hospital costs as well as one follow up visit to see your consultant.

Please note that every patient is an individual and sometimes that means that prices can vary depending on the complexity of the surgery, length of hospital stay and your chosen hospital.

We are committed to keep you fully informed of the price at all times, we don’t want our patients to receive any surprise bills.

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Our specialists are recognised by all the main private health insurance providers, including many international and expatriate insurance companies. It is essential to always contact your private insurance company to obtain clearance prior to any consultation or treatment.

The clinic staff can be contacted and provide any necessary information you may need including professional fees and investigation / procedure codes and costs. Please note that the level of cover will depend on your individual policy and sometimes you may be asked to make an excess payment.